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Getting quality equipment for your dairy doesn’t always mean it has to be brand new. At Lang’s Dairy Equipment, we offer a variety of used dairy equipment from brands you trust. Our years of experience with BouMatic and other manufacturers provides peace of mind that you are purchasing used equipment that is held to the highest quality standards. We also offer professional installation to ensure everything is set up correctly and working as it should.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our used dairy equipment, contact Rob Engelhardt at 563.419.8608, or call our store at 563.382.8722.

Used BouMatic Equipment for Sale

4200 Detachers with shutoffs
(6) 4200 Detachers with shutoffs
15hp Air Star Pump with 10hp Motor
800 gallon Dari-Kool Bulk tank – no compressors – with controller- washer pump and agitator 59.5″ Wide – 104″ long – 56″ tall
id controller
Yellow and Red Tag ID Controllers
id controller

Bou-matic Pulsators

4200 Detachers with shutoffs

Bou-matic Flow-star Claws – no shutoffs

3” stainless steel Receiver Pots

Bou-matic Jetter Trays only

Other Used Dairy Equipment for Sale

1600 Gallon Delaval bulk tank

1600 Gallon
Delaval bulk tank- model #1600DXNAF- Serial #0050103 (2005 Tank) – with 2-5hp-!phase condensing units and chart recorder 120″ long x 80″ wide x 68″ tall- $13,000.00

Yellow Tag ID Controllers
1500 gallon Mueller bulk tank – no compressors with controller – washer pump and agitator 79″ wide – 120″ long – 70″ tall
schlueter drive
Schlueter Variable Speed Drive Controller and Probe assembly
275 Gallon Totes – $40
2 & 3 Ton Remote Condensers
4HP scroll compressor
ZB38KCE-TF5-250 – 4HP Scroll Compressor- Used – $500.00
4HP- AGA5553 Tech Condensing Unit
4HP- AGA5553 Tech. Condensing Unit- Used – $1000.00
4HP- AGA5553 Tech Condensing Unit

Surge Compass 600 Washer – $500.00

Used Holm & Laue 260 Liter Milk Taxi

Used Agromatic 36” Fan- $175.00

For all your milk quality & dairy equipment needs
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