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Lang’s is your destination for all BouMatic and BouMatic Robotics products and equipment. As a certified dealer, we have access to the full catalog of items and offer extensive knowledge to help you find exactly what you need. With BouMatic, your farm will be equipped with innovative solutions to help you increase productivity and profits while protecting animal welfare. Their products include almost everything you need for your dairy, such as C.I.P., animal and equipment hygiene products, hoof care solutions, parlor stalls, cooling equipment, milking equipment, and more.

Equipment Available from BouMatic & BouMatic Robotics

Equipment for your dairy is a large investment, and choosing BouMatic ensures a more profitable return. Streamline your processes and keep your cows happy, healthy, and comfortable with their large selection of equipment, including parlor stalls, double and single box milking robots, spray robots, cow positioners, cooling tanks and controls, and more. When you purchase BouMatic equipment, you know you’ll get quality.

To determine what equipment is best for your dairy operation, call our main office at 563.382.8722, or contact Rob Engelhardt 563.419.8608.
To view all of the available BouMatic and BouMatic Robotics equipment, including more details, click here.

Products Available from BouMatic

Hoof Care Solutions

Many traditional hoof care products end up contaminating your soil and ground water. BouMatic’s hoof care solutions keep your cows’ hooves clean and healthy, and is environmentally-friendly. Call Lang’s Dairy at 563.382.8722 to discuss which BouMatic hoof care products you need and place your order today.

Udder Health Products

Great milk production and cow welfare start with udder health. BouMatic offers a great selection of products to protect your cows’ udder health, including:

Backflush, Udderwash, & Pen Wash Products
Pre-Milking Wipes
Winter Teat Dips
Hydrogen Peroxide Teat Dips
Chlorhexidine Teat Dips & Sprays
Iodine Teat Dips & Sprays
Premium Iodine Teat Dips
Lactic Acid Teat Dips

Click here for more details on the variety of udder health and teat dip products available from BouMatic. Not sure which ones are right for your dairy? Call the experts at Lang’s Dairy at 563.382.8722 today.

Clean-In-Place Products

Keep your dairy equipment clean to help prevent the spread of bacteria. BouMatic has a large selection of C.I.P. products to make cleaning a breeze, including:

Traditional CIP Acids
Super Concentrated CIP Acids
CIP Acid Detergents
Super Concentrated CIP Alkaline
Concentrate Additives for the Detergent Cycle
Chlorinated Alkaline Liquid CIP Detergents
Guardian II Pipeline Washer (cleans & sanitizes after each milking shift; designed as CIP wash system)

Click here to see more details about the available BouMatic C.I.P. products. Call Lang’s Dairy at 563.382.8722 to discuss which products are right for your dairy, or to make a purchase today.


The right liner is essential as it is the most critical point of contact on your cows. Magnum M Liners from BouMatic ensure you have healthy cows, better system performance, and higher yields. Their patented design allows for faster milkout, and they are created to work with a variety of teat sizes. These liners are also designed to be more durable for a longer life with reduced twisting. Call us at 563.382.8722 to order your BouMatic Magnum M Liners today.

Specialty BouMatic Products

To ensure you truly have everything you need, BouMatic also has specialty products for your dairy, including laundry detergents and high-foaming and manual cleaners. Keep parlor stalls clean and shiny, and prevent bacteria from making it through your laundry cycle back to your cows. Call Lang’s at 563.382.8722 to order your specialty BouMatic products today.

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