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At Lang’s Dairy, we offer a large selection of high-quality Agromatic products. With over 120 years of experience in providing cow comfort, this family-operated business provides farmers with reliable products and equipment. We also offer professional installation for all dairy equipment purchased from us – call our store at 563.382.8722 for details.

Flooring and Wall Finishing Systems

KRAIBURG Rubber Flooring

Quality rubber flooring is essential for keeping your cows comfortable. Agromatic provides a variety of rubber flooring to choose from to fit your dairy’s needs, each with easy installation. Rubber mats can help with soil stabilization, easy cleaning and disinfecting, slip resistance, and more.

For a full list of available KRAIBURG rubber flooring options and descriptions from Agromatic, click here. Let us help you select the flooring that’s right for your dairy – call Lang’s at 563.382.8722 today.

NUFORM Wall Finishing Systems

The NUFORM wall finishing systems from Agromatic provide your dairy parlor with a hygienic and durable assembly. Plus, they are great at protecting your cows from the elements without rusting, rotting, corroding, or peeling. Choose from the CONFORM™ concrete wall forming system or RELINE™ wall paneling system.

Not sure which system is best for you? Call Lang’s at 563.382.8722 for more information, or to make a purchase today.

Equipment Available from Agromatic

Barn Ventilation

Keep your cows comfortable and safe within a well-ventilated barn. Agromatic has great barn ventilation products we are proud to offer at Lang’s Dairy Equipment, including barn fans, barn vents, and controllers. We sell and install recirculating fans, barn chimneys, belt drive and direct drive exhaust fans, ceiling fans, linear roof vents, livestock curtains, and more.

For more information on the available Agromatic barn ventilation equipment, click here. To purchase the items you need, or for help selecting the right equipment, call Lang’s today at 563.382.8722.

Barn, Feeding, and Bedding

Help your cows stay more comfortable in the barn with great Agromatic products for feeding and bedding. We sell and install the FreeFEED System for natural eating positioning, freestalls and FlexSTALLS for proper positioning when lying down, BOBMAN Machines to make daily tasks easier, barn parlors, feed carts, and more.

To view the full line of barn, feeding, and bedding equipment from Agromatic, click here. For questions or to place an order, call Lang’s Dairy at 563.382.8722 today.

Cow Brushes

Agromatic offers EasySwing® cow brushes in a variety of sizes to keep your cows comfortable. The brushes use zero electricity and have no motor, making them easy to install in almost any location.

To order your EasySwing® cow brush, call Lang’s Dairy Equipment today at 563.382.8722.

Manure Handling Equipment

Properly handling the manure on your dairy can help improve water quality and soil quality. Purchasing Agromatic manure handling equipment from Lang’s makes it simple. We sell manure augers, mixers, slurry separators, and slurry pumps.

To read more about the available Agromatic manure handling equipment, click here. To make a purchase, or discuss which equipment is best for your dairy, call Lang’s today at 563.382.8722.

Silage Handling Equipment

Agromatic offers quality silage compactors and spreaders to help you get the job done. The Big Foot silage packer has an automatic lubricating system, helps provide better compaction while using less fuel, and has the ability to rake and level the pile. The RECK silage spreader allows you to spread silage all the way to the bunker wall while minimizing air introduction into the pile.

To learn more about the compactor and spreader from Agromatic, click here. Call Lang’s today at 563.382.8722 to discuss your purchasing options.

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