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Lang’s is proud to offer products from MEDA / Chem-Star – the leader in udder health and dairy sanitation. From year-round teat dips to fly control, calf hygiene products, and more, you will find the chemical supplies you need from MEDA / Chem-Star.

Products Available from MEDA / Chem-Star

Udder Health

Good udder health is vital for preventing mastitis as well as increasing the yield. MEDA / Chem-Star offer a variety of teat dips for year-round protection, including:

Barrier 112 dual germicide barrier teat dip

Code Green Pre/Post teat dip with no drip additive

RECOVER cold weather teat dip

Valiant® Pre-Post

Valiant Express® PRIME

Valiant ENCOREPre/Post organic-approved teat dip

To determine which products are the perfect fit for your dairy, call Lang’s today at 563.382.8722.

Dairy Sanitation

Keeping your dairy running requires proper sanitation. We offer proven dairy sanitation products from MEDA / Chem-Star, including:

SOS One Shot CIP Acid Detergent

Bac-Drop System to reduce bacteria within your milking facility

WIK Livestock Pest Control System automatic self-treating insecticide applicator

BUZZ OFF Fly Control System

AERO-MAX Synergized Insecticide

KlingonBlueLong-Acting Footbath

High-Performance Washer-Extractors

To determine which products are the perfect fit for your dairy, call Lang’s today at 563.382.8722.

Calf Health & Hygiene

Start your calves off right with products promoting proper health and hygiene, such as:

EXSPOR Chlorine-Dioxide final rinse disinfectant/sterilant to destroy ALL forms of bacterial life

EXSPOR Chlorine-Dioxide System designed to activate and dispense as needed in calf facilities

Hydrafeed water soluble formula for rapid hydration with no tube feeding

Sani-Bed additive to dry, reduce PH, and reduce ammonia within the bedding

Let us help you find the right solutions for your calves. Call Lang’s today at 563.382.8722.

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