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Running an efficient dairy farm takes much more than great milking equipment. Here at Lang’s Dairy Equipment, we are happy to offer everything you need, from commercial washing machines and tankless water heaters to pasteurizers, water systems and more.

For more information on our large selection of equipment, or to place an order, call Lang’s today at 563.382.8722.

Equipment for Cleaning Efficiency

Commercial Washing Machines by Continental Girbau

All those dairy towels require a powerful washer that can withstand the constant flow of dirty laundry. We are proud to sell commercial washing machines by Continental Girbau that are built specifically to meet the needs of a dairy farm. The E-Series Industrial Washer Extractors include high-speed extraction, automatic chemical injection, and a soft-mount design. You can rest assured your towels will come out of the washer nearly dry, and any bacteria or contaminates are properly removed in every load.

Click here to learn more about the Continental Girbau washing machines built for dairy farms. Have more questions, or ready to place an order? Call Lang’s today at 563.382.8722.

Tankless Water Heaters

With so much water usage and laundry, it can take a toll on your water heater and budget. We sell tankless water heaters to help save you money on energy costs while providing an endless supply of hot water. These units also tend to have a longer life than traditional water heaters. Lang’s Dairy Equipment will help you select the tankless water heater that is the right fit for your farm. Plus, we offer installation services, ensuring it is working correctly and ready for use.

For more information about our selection of available tankless water heaters, or to place an order, call Lang’s today at 563.382.8722.

Water Softeners by Capital

Having hardness minerals in your water can quickly impact your utilities budget. It can also increase the need for service, maintenance, and repairs on your plumbing system, or decrease the life of your appliances and water systems. We offer water softeners by Capital that can remove these minerals in even the most difficult conditions.

To learn more about the available Capital water softeners we sell, or to make a purchase, call Lang’s Dairy Equipment today at 563.382.8722.

J&D manufacturing Equipment for Sale

Whether you’re expanding or retrofitting your facility or looking to upgrade your machinery or automation, J&D provides high-performance, high-efficiency solutions to elevate your objectives on every scale. We provide honest insights and unbiased performance data to create the best result for every barn, because our goal is the same as yours – to achieve a better future for farming.

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Other Products

Equipment for the Cows and Barn

Calf-Star | MilkTaxi, Pasteurizers, & Automatic Calf-Feeding Systems

Giving your calves a good start is easy with products from Calf-Star. With a sole focus on calf care, all of their products are designed to keep your calves healthier. Lang’s Dairy Equipment is proud to offer our farmers some of their quality products, including calf milk pasteurizers, automatic calf feeders, and the MilkTaxi, which allows you to heat, store, cool, pasteurize, transport and dispense milk to the calves.

For more information about Calf-Star products, or to place an order, call Lang’s today at 563.382.8722.

Dairymaster | Manure Scrapers, Heat Detection Systems, & Parlors

Dairymaster is known for providing superior, hi-tech dairy equipment to help increase your milk yield, decrease labor, and improve herd conception rates. At Lang’s, we offer some of their great products for our farmers, including manure scrapers, the MooMonitor+ heat detection system, and a variety of milking parlor options and sizes.

To learn more about our selection of Dairymaster products, or to place an order, call Lang’s Dairy Equipment today at 563.382.8722.

Barn Fans by Schaefer

Schaefer is considered the leader in design and manufacture of ventilation equipment with nearly 70 years of experience. Their barn fans will help keep your cows comfortable in well-ventilated barns, providing better health and welfare. You can find the type and size of Schaefer barn fan you need for your dairy operation, and we offer professional installation to ensure the job is done right.

For information about our selection of Schaefer barn fans, or to purchase them for your dairy, call Lang’s today at 563.382.8722.

Livestock Water Systems by Miraco

To ensure healthy, productive dairy cows, it’s essential they have access to clean drinking water at all times. Lang’s Dairy Equipment offers quality livestock water systems by Miraco. These systems are built to withstand the demands and abuse by livestock while allowing for easy access for regular cleaning.

To determine which livestock water system by Miraco is right for you, or to place an order, contact Lang’s at 563.382.8722.

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